Life by the window seat

Being a software programmer, I spend all day at work “talking” to computer in various languages, holding vast programs and data sets in my head. Then, at times there is a rough transition when I speak to humans which are real world. In the life which is amalgamation of thorns and roses, what brings solace to my soul is my life by the window seat. I commute for an hour to my work and considering traffic it takes for my “heroine” more than an hour to bring me back home.  I commute in a huge, classy and spacious air-conditioned office bus which has long wide windows and most comfortable seats, which is why I have named her “heroine” 😉

As the journey begins, I plug in the headphones in my ear and then I start pondering about various things like relationships, friends, colleagues, problems and future of humanity, hopping on to our philosophical sojourns.  Also my nostalgic mind wants to traverse back in life thinking of lovely college days and reminding me different colours of freedom when I was single. Any motion that gives perception of moving reminds us of the impermanence of universe. That things change!! Our mind immediately correlates with what we have left or with our memories. As my mind wanders, a mingling of emotions, observations, anticipations, and realities moulds to a strange experience.

Being a working mother, I feel life is like a long to-do list. With office work, child care and running house, life by the window seat is the only “Me Time” for me. It is the time to just be, gives me the space and time to connect to the social world, and gives me time to read a book or hear music. Anything and everything I do in the entire journey I can experience every feeling without being questioned, judged and uninterrupted.  This is the time I spend relaxing on my own as opposed to working or doing things for others, thus reducing stress and restoring my energy for my lovely son who is waiting for me at home. I also do take out a minute not to ask for anything but simply thank God for all I have.

When it comes to staying healthy, people discuss only diet, exercise and sleep. Why isn’t emotional well being of a person equally important as physical well-being? It’s the need for an hour to connect to ourselves, appreciate and nurture ourselves every day. Life and window seat are metaphorical sisters, I look forward for this journey every day.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.


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